Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Sweetlands Confectionary & Bakery

10/12 Kim Keat Ln (Map) Wed – Sun 24hrs Mon 12am – 8pm, Tues 8am – 12pm

They are yet another dying trade in the bread business. But they plod on despite the tons of fancy bread and cake shops all over the country. Just like Ghee Leong, you will see a huge wood oven out in the back and the shop looks more like a run-down bread storage facility. They churn out these old-school traditional bread loaves, crusted and hot, in white or brown versions. They supply to hundreds of coffeeshops and hawkers everyday. Old- school kaya toast (with slices of butter) uses this style of fluffy and airy soft bread. They open round the clock but like their nearby competitor, they don't have it fresh every hour, just only when it is scheduled. So call ahead and check. They have a table of these sliced loaves for retail and many heartland aunties and uncles buy it from them. It's affordable, fresh and very comforting.

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