Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Sing Hon Loong Bakery

4 Whampoa Dr (Map) 24 Hours Daily

This and just a handful of others are among the last few traditional bread bakers in Singapore. Nothing fancy, no shiny lit shelves and just racks and rows of old-school crusted loaves of breads our grandparents used to eat for breakfast with kaya, margarine, peanut butter or just dunked in coffee. You will see a huge wood oven fire and stacks of dough in trays lined up and ready to be fired. The bread is airy, soft, gummy and very light (great for our weather and palate). It comes in white or brown and they simply pack them in plastic bags and leave them on the display table. They move very fast and not much remains when it comes off the oven. Eat them soon as these breads are not made to sit nor retain its texture in the fridge.

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