Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Lim Hin Fresh Fruit Juice

51 Old Airport Rd #01-36, Old Airport Rd Hawker Ctr (Map) 11am – 8pm

You can often spot the spiffy and chatty James zipping around the hawker centre on his mobility trike. He lost a leg years ago in an accident while out checking out their soursop plantation in Malaysia, he told us. His soursop or guanábana fruit juice is one of the best around. It’s juicy, very fresh, and flavourful and that zesty touch of lemon he adds to the sweet sour fruit, naturally spiked with anti-oxidants, is supremely refreshing. They were once the king of fruit juices at their original but now defunct Botanic Garden or Taman Serasi hawker centre back in the 80s. They continue the legacy here and check out their other juices if soursop scares you!

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