Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Ming Fa Duck Rice

105 Hougang Ave 1 #02-01 Hougang Hainanese Village Ctr (Map) Tues – Sat: 7.00am – 12pm Sun & Mon

Everyday regulars line up at this low-profile duck rice stall tucked away at a corner of Hainanese Village Food Centre in Hougang (itself a low profile makan haven which locals don't want you to know about). The duck meat is tender even though they are served in chunky pieces. Their braising stock covered all the bases with sweet, savoury, and Chinese five spice flavours. You can taste it infused in the duck and a splash of it makes the sweet rice gulp worthy. They are generous with the soup too which is full of flavours from duck bones and kiam chye. To add on, the knockout punch at Ming Fa Duck Rice comes from their power sambal. Loaded with anchovies, onions and chili, it beats the sambal at most nasi lemak stalls. You read that right, "most", we chose that word carefully.

Seng Kee Duck Rice

659 Geylang Rd Lor 35, Sin Huat Eating House (Map) 11.30am – 4pm Sat

The senior (now retired) Mr Oh started brewing the “100 - year sauce” (a soy braise sauce used over a long term, warmed over gentle wood fire and replenished daily) since 1979 in an attap hut off Yio Chu Kang. It’s now re - developed and they’ve since turned to stainless steel pots in a central kitchen that can braise over 20 ducks in a go. His three sons have taken over and you won’t miss them; we nicknamed them the Sumo Boys. Their th ick and rich soy braise sauce is redolent with herbs and is intensely umami. Some disagree with their sweetish touch to the sauce (helps mask the gaminess) but the daily crowds that pack the place and clear their stock each day obviously love it. They slice the softly firm duck into thinner pieces that are so easily enjoyed with their brown sauced rice. Never consume this without their own-made sambal – just look closely and you will realise how complex the chilli dip is. A complete platter comes with a deck of bean sprouts and softly braised Shantung nuts sitting above. A joy to devour!


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