Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Cheok Kee Duck Rice

1220 East Coast Parkway Stall 29 East Coast Lagoon Food Village (Map) 9am – 6pm Tue

You can actually have a breakfast of Teochew style braised duck with all the attendant offals like liver, gizzards and the connoisseur’s braise duck web, neck , wings and, right by the lovely East Coast Beach and park. It is currently run by a third generation, Ah Wah and his wife, and they are training up the fourth (his son), and it’s as consistent as how they did it back when they were in the Macpherson area earlier last century. The all-important soy braise sauce is bold, rich and is very easy on salts and nary herbal. The duck comes soft and hardly gamey and when slathered with their lightly thickened braise sauce; it’s manna. When you order, make sure to include the web and especially the wings (add heart, liver, tofu and egg if needed). Devour them slowly with your cold beer or juice and inhale the fresh sea air punctuated with hawker food aroma in this seaside hawker centre. Or have the full meal with a bowl of sauce drenched rice or porridge. And oh yes, their stinging own made vinegar sambal and lime chilli, kicks this up a notch.

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