Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Chao Ji Roasted Meat

335 Smith St #02-165, Chinatown Cplx Food Ctr (Map) 11am – 5pm Mon

Clarence is pushing 70 and is a classic story about our aging hawker citizens. But he does not let up on his food quality. That seasoned Apollo oven at back of this little hawker stall is testament to their authenticity and Cantonese heritage. The roast duck comes with a well roasted and marinated skin that seeps a little into the moist meat. Their cha siew or honeyed roast pork is chunky, has burnt ends with some fat to boost. The roast pork or siew yoke has a crispy crust that holds even when you take them home. The belly pork is soft and moist and if you just have them over soft fluffy rice some spoons of the fat dripping hoisin sauc e, you’ll have a platter of Cantonese authenticity before you.

Kwee Heng Duck Noodles

500 Clemenceau Ave North #01-13, Newton Food Ctr (Map) 9am – 11pm Wed

It looks unappetising – a plate of yellow noodles sitting in a soy-chilli sauce with a few slices of duck. But take a mouthful and it grows on you and eventually becomes very comforting. The duck “pong” is tamed by the braise sauce and it goes very well with the accompanying dark herbal soup. The yellow wheat noodles lend a strangely comforting alkaline flavour when you tear in.. Philip Sng and his dad used to sell chicken noodles but switched to duck rice and noodles after relocating here. They hail from the old legendary Orchard carpark Gluttons Square hawkers back in the 70s.


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