Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Pin Wei Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun 41A Cambridge Road #01-25, Pek Kio Mkt & Food Ctr (Map) Tues - Sun: 6.30am – 2pm


They began hawking chwee kueh decades ago but in 2010, they switched to chee cheong fun (steamed rice rolls) although, they have never made nor sold it before. So, 2nd gen hawker Eddie decided to offer this instead as “ too many selling chwee kueh, margins low and hard work la ”. He experimented and came up with this slurpy soft Hong Kong style version; simply filled with chopped cha siu, prawns, scallops or a plain Jane platter, done with their own sweet, savoury soy sauce concoction. To support each other there, they buy the cha siu from a neighbouring roast meat stall, that makes a version which suits their style. Every piece is steamed fresh upon your order and it’s a pleasure to watch them “perform” before your eyes. The steaming table needs to be balanced and rebalanced regularly, so the rice rolls will come out evenly. The daily queue for it is a constant affair but they move fast and you get your chee cheong fun fresh and hot.

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