Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Duo Ji

335 Smith St #02-216, Chinatown Cplx Mkt & Food Ctr (Map) 7am till 10am (or sold out)

Mon & Wed

They don’t have any fancy toppings or a variety of sauces, just a soft, smooth and resilient chee cheong fun with an incredible sauce. The nondescript stall sees a huge crowd early in the morning and they are there not just for the rice rolls, but the sauce slathered over. It looks like the usual dark brown hoisin sauce, but we detected notes of ha ko (sweet prawn paste), ha cheong (salted prawn sauce) with hints of nam yu (red fermented tofu) and even tones of sesame oil and gula Melaka. It is so addictive and slurpy good. It's not much to look at, not "Instagrammable", just absolute joy in the mouth.


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