Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Chap chye rice is commonly called Economic Rice. Often they offer a mind-boggling array of meats, seafood, vegetables, eggs, tofu, etc (anything from 20 to 50 items) in so many styles. Some smaller stalls just have over a dozen but offer very specialised dishes done exceedingly well. You just tell them what to top over that plate of rice- from black bean fish, steamed minced pork balls, garlic chye sim, sambal ikan bilis, braised tofu, soy stewed trotters, fried and curried chicken, etc. They are the most popular lunchtime comfort meals for the common heartland workers and blue-collared folks. This is like an everyday home-cooked meal.

Chap Chye Png (Economy Rice)

100 Mixed Veg. Rice & Porridge 861 North Bridge Rd #01-100, North Bridge Rd Food Ctr (Map) 10am – 3pm Ad-Hoc

We don’t know how they do it, but a whole meal of a 10inch freshly steamed fish (from mullet to snapper) with sides of salted vegetables, tofu and egg, can cost a ridiculous $10 or so (on most days and depending on supply). When asked, “we have old and poo r regulars, and we cannot bear to profit from them” was the hawker’s reply. Bless them. The food is absolutely hearty and homely, and we are not rating them for their big heartedness. The steamed fishes are done on the fly and do wait for it if you can. That, with a bowl of porridge or rice with some humble sides like Szechuan vegetables with pork or sambal haebi; is Teochew food heaven in its simple element. There’s always a queue and please, don’t question them why they cost 50 cents or a dollar more on some days (at mercy of supplies and suppliers).


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