Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Choon Kee Roasted Delights

505 Beach Rd #01-74, Golden Mile Food Ctr (Map) 10.30am to 3pm

Wed & Sun

They open by around 10.30am but the queue forms by 10am. They make a limited amount of their signature roast duck (less than 10) and they often sell out by 12.30pm as the stall has limited space to make more. The stall does not display their stuff in show case, as it goes from oven to the chopping very often. The regulars know what they want. By 2pm, hardly much is left on display. The duck, even when cooled after an hour off their “apollo” oven, has a parchment crispy skin and juicy meat. The gaminess is tamed and they slather a dark soy sauce mixture over the meat on the plate of rice. Their cha siew comes soft, with burnt ends and the use of collar meat with the fatty/meat combo texture and has a just sweet enough marinade. The roast pork, again, has an appealing crackling crunch even when it was cooled and has sat on the table for 20 mins.

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