Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Xi Le Teng Blk 31 Commonwealth Cres #02-70, Commonwealth Cres Food Ctr (Map) 10am to 2pm Mon, Tue & Wed

A very traditional old school Chinese dessert stall. The fiesty little old lady just cooks pots upon pots of her specialty (had been so for decades) and serves it up like she knows how. Her crowd favourite is the bubur terigu (white wheat in coconut milk and palm sugar). It's boiled for hours till they come soft (almost disintegrating) and in a thick and rich coconutty broth. You add a spoon of coconut milk over to max the sensation. Also popular is her green bean soup with hints of pandan and this one is just so simply and perfectly well done. Do not pass up on her cheng tng (clear sweet broth with nuts, beans, dried fruits and fungus). The sweet soup is done by boiling with dried honeyed longan and rock sugar. Have it cold on a hot day or vice versa and you'll realise the efficacy of the traditional dessert.

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