Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

No Name Dessert

69 Bedok South Ave 3 #01-490 (Map) 1pm - 8pm Mon

If you count, you will see up to 11 ingredients used in this humble cold soup dessert (or warm version) and each item is specially pre-cooked for texture and flavours before being immersed in the rock sugar laden fruity broth. There's candied persimmon, snow fungus, longan, dried fruits, etc. One other magic is that they use crushed instead of shaved ice so there's icy pebble textures when you slurp in.

Nyonya Chendol

51 Old Airport Rd #01-115, Old Airport Rd Hawker Ctr (Map) 10am – 9.30pm (until sold out)

When they do it well, it is one of the best around but we felt their bugbear is consistency. The gula melaka is rich and smooth, fresh coconut milk is used, the shaved ice is soft and melts upon contact in the mouth and the chendol jelly is soft yet has a gentle texture to the bite. You can request (separately) for extra toppings like sweet and soft red beans or attap chee (palm fruit). On some occasions this was not always the case but, in most cases, they have it down pat. Check out their website for the various outlets in and around town.

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