Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

A bowl of comforting warm sweet soup (Tang Shui) like Cheng Teng is ideal to quench your thirst. The range is immense, from rich coconutty to bean and tuber sweet soups, clear nut, and fungus soups, to sweet nutty creams like peanut, walnut, and black sesame. There’s also the famous ice kachang shaved ice mountains with fruits and nuts and different ice jellies.

Asian Desserts

115 Tang Shui

335 Smith St #02-206, Chinatown Cplx Food Ctr (Map) 7.30am to 4.30pm Mon & Tue

We understand they are the only Cantonese dessert folks to still use an old fahioned stone grinder (like those you see in old chinese food documentaries). Once a dessert powder salesman came calling and immediately left upon seeing the grinder (still being used), but not before he had a bowl of the sweets. They had been at it since 1966 and the few firm favourites still include sweet smooth creams like peanut, black sesme, almond, the healthy walnut, red bean with tangerine peel accents, and the "stink grass" green bean soups. Occasiaonally, they offer a rich coconutty Bubur Cha Cha and they still use the proper gula melaka to mildly sweeten it. If you've always eaten at stalls that uses pre-mad or factory supplied versions, this will enlighten you and put a smile on your face. All their dessert are very traditional and iconic. A new generation is beginning to fully helm the business and we are proud he is doing so.

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