Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Rayben King of Seafood Soup

204 Serangoon Central, Singapore 550204 (Map) 11.30am – 9pm Daily

Pals Raymond and Ben felt this need to get in on the hawkerpreneurs wagon and set-up this simple stall in 2020, thus began their journey and hawker life, offering one of the most decadent seafood soups in a hawker stall. Unexpectedly though, they are sited in a kopitiam smacked amid rows of funeral parlours in this industrial estate. Their version, unlike many of their competitors, does not use teepo (dried flounder bones) as a soup base but instead, a mix of clams, prawn shells and other dried fish and shellfish. It renders the broth thick yet opaque and redolent of shellfish flavour. Ben, with his past experiences in restaurants and cze cha stalls, helms the kitchen deftly and delivers consistency with each bowl. They come in 3 sizes from $8 to $36 with add-ons if you like. The basic bowl has prawns, fish, hand made pork balls, clams with tofu and tomatoes, but his gold medal rendition includes more of those, plus lobster, flower crab, in-shell scallops, and top-shell. Just slurp and devour all that oceanic goodness with a bowl of steamed rice and you’ll know why this popular seafood soup phenomena is not just a trend, and will be here to stay.

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