Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Fish Head Steamboat

Various types of fish head are simmered in a hot pot of fragrant broth. Platters of vegetables are added into the steamboat and as the meal progresses, the broth gets richer and thicker. It is best eaten on chilly days.

Ah Orh Teochew Fish Head Steamboat

739 Bedok Reservoir Rd (Map) 11am – 9pm Daily

Ming You may well be the last genereation of the legendary Ah Orh Teochew restaurant folks to be carrying this mantle of continuity. He is a third generation and all his uncles and father have retired although the flagship restaurant in Bukit Merah is still around. He now runs the kopitiam stall with a smaller menu but no less diligently. His steamboats come with an old school, season "chimney" pot warmed by charcoal fire and the basic stock is spiked with teepo (dried sole fish bones). The various types of fishes (your choice) like pomfret, garoupa or red snapper are first pre-cooked in that same stock with vegetables, pickled plums with chunks of yam (it helps thicken the soup as you devour) before it is ladled onto the charcoal pot as it sizzles its way to your table. Their fishes are fresh, like any decent Teochew chef must insist upon. You can order a range of side cze cha dishes like their famous saucey oyster omelet, ngoh hiang, chai po or preserved radish fried kway teow and moreish cold prawns (steamed and chilled in it's own juices) which maintains and crunchy texture- just dip in the vinegar chilli garlic sauce.

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