Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Pin Ji Fishball Minced Meat Noodles

Temporily closed till they relocate

to new location

They gave up a lucrative recruitment agency business to do “something satisfying”, and it’s not about the money says husband and wife team Keith Mo and Michelle. They make less but they joy they see in repeat customers, many who gave them ideas of how to improve the recipes, is “priceless”. They make their own spr ingy soft fish and meat balls – firm and bouncy textured but gives in upon the first bite. They own made sambal is rich but not overly spicy. They also hand make their own her kiao (fish paste skin dumplings) stuffed with minced pork. You get just a right “ QQ ” or softly resilient noodle texture with the dry order of mee pok. They also offer side dishes like fried chicken chop, bean skin rolls and fried fish cake.

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