Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Mr Fish

335 Smith St #02-073, Chinatown Cplx Food Ctr (Map) 11am – 5pm Sun

The unicorn hair coloured little matriach works with her husband and son, who used to slog in the corporate world. The way they roast fish bones on the pot over very high heat is why this one feels so right. It is the only way Cantonese masters decree how it must be done. When stock is ladled over, it sizzles and turns the stock milky and the rest is all elbow grease and food love. Not a drop of milk is used to acheive that milky effect (unlike many who use this technique). The use of fresh carp lends it a nice soft crunch and all else on it, are mere sideshows. If you can handle bones, tear into the fish head and/or belly cuts – a lot of flavour and texture are hidden there. Tuck in slowly and slurp the broth. Otherwise, order the equally moreish fish slice versions. Their black bean fried hor fun is delectable because they wok-sear the rice noodles (see the sear marks) before layering the flavours and fish slices over.

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