Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Fish head Bee hoon

The fish head is boiled in milky fish broth and served with either rice or bee hoon. Different variants call for fried fish head or inclusion of alcohol such as brandy, Chinese wine or cognac. This is a Singaporean soup-based seafood creation.

Hua Ji XO Fish Head Beehoon 51 Old Airport Rd #01-118, Old Airport Rd Hawker Ctr (Map) Tues & Wed, Fri- Sun2.30pm – 12pm Thurs : 9am – 12am Mon

The bowl of fish head noodle they serve looks really mean- with bones, teeth, fins and chinks of meat clinging on, over a milky fish broth. But to the experts and die-hard fans of this dish, this is how it should be, the fish head cuts are very generous and the milky fish stock (with a dash of evaporated milk) is full bodied and bold. If you fear fish bones, go for the fish slices but you'll miss out on those gelatinous little bits off the bones that fans so love. There’ s a short and fast-moving queue for this at meal hours.


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