Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Yang’s Epok -Epok

1 Bedok Rd #01-04, Bedok Food Centre (Map) 11am – 10pm Mon & Tues

One look at their epok epok and you'll feel a crispy crunchy sensation coming on. This is a manual labour curry puff camp run by folks who just love what they do. Each piece is handmade on site. After rolling the dough, they fold the spicy potatoes or sardines in, then the edges are pressed together in shape with a fork. The rice flour in the dough lends the lovable lightly crispy texture. The fillings are just spicy enough and moist. These bites are very affordable and the owner and her daughters helping out always remind themselves they have poorer regulars and must keep the prices affordable.

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