Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

As the Malay sister of the curry puff, the epok epok is thinner in crust, smaller in size and not as buttery. It is usually available with two different fillings, either curry potatoes or canned sardines.

Epok Epok

King’s Curry Puff

10 North Bridge Rd, #01-5109 (Map) 8.30am – 5pm Daily

The joy is in seeing them meticulously make each one, one by one, and enjoy the little wait time should you catch them at it. Their edge is the size of these Malay style epok epok. It comes huge, almost full palm size and two of these wonders will fill you up. The batter gives the skin a crusty rather than crispy feel and the inside is loaded with soft and moist curried potatoes with a wedge of boiled egg. The iconic old and “lost” kopitiam atmo sphere where the stall resides is perfect for devouring the epok epok, washed down with black coffee, ideally.

Epok Epok Central

4A Eunos Crescent #01-09, Eunos Crescent Mkt & Food Ctr (Map) Epok epok available from 7am – 7pm (Sun no epok epok) Mon

Don’t conduct small talk with boss Lokman Kassim when he is frying their epok epok (from 70 cents each). He is very focussed and usually not in the friendliest frame of mind when concentrating on getting it right, from the dough, crust and the temperature of the oil used to fry them. The fillings of the potato/chicken version is all moist and spicy with lightly sweet overtones. It's very likeable, and their crust gives them the edge. It was crunchy with crispy touches, helped by the use of some rice flour, much like fresh cream crackers to the bite. They also offer the plain curry potato and sardines versions. Get it fresh off the wok when possible.


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