Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Hong Kong Mong Kok Tim


335 Smith St #02-097, Chinatown Cplx Food Ctr (Map) 11am – 5pm

Mon & Tue

He came over from Hong Kong during the 1997 era when UK ceded the city back to China. He worked in a few top Cantonese restaurants here, earned his stripes specialising in dim sum and then Mr Chu Shu Kei decided to open a humble dim sum stall in Chinatown. Even more humbly, he only offers six items, six very moreish items. From the crunchyand freshness of the har gao, the hand-chopped minced pork in his siu mai, softly resilient prawn and cha siew cheong fun rolls, the fluffy soft and moist inside cha siew pau to the phoenix claws (puffy and soft with an initially fried skin)… every item is one you must try. We kid you not. He does not even open till he, his wife and his son are ready for the day even as a crowd patiently and eagerly await the shutters to fully open.

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Mongkok Dim Sum

214 Geylang Rd (Map) 24 Hours Daily

This 24/7 spot in a coffeeshop with a view of the gritty Geylang Road has a huge menu and it includes some cze cha (cook and fry dishes) like a very agreeable dry beef hor fun (kon chao hor). The classic har gao and siew mai comes plump and has a chunky, softly resilient bite. Their baos are the "smiling" type with a fluffy “blossoming" open top pastry skin. Fried dim sum include the Phoenix Prawn dumpling fritter (very crunchy prawns inside) and the Wu Kok (fried mashed yam filled with savoury sweet meat and vegetable filling). The Liu Sa Bao or salted egg yolk custard bao is among the better ones around – it’s oozy with a soft bao pastry and has a nice balance of sweet and salty smokiness.


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