Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Dian xin is a typical breakfast or teatime affair. Originally from southern China, these small delicate dishes are served in small bamboo baskets or individual small plates. Popular must- order items are char siew sow (barbecued pork pastry), spring rolls and siew mai (pork and shrimp dumplings)

Dian Xin / Dim sum


358 Joo Chiat Rd (Map) 8am – 9pm Daily

This is the brand that first introduced the popular yuan yang bao (with red bean paste, salted egg yolk and lotus seed paste) decades ago. They are also famous for their signatures like the mini cha siew pau and their best-seller big pork bao, which is huge with stuffings of chunky minced pork, softly crunchy greens and a wedge of egg. The edge is the pastry skin of these paos – they are soft, fluffy, and so easy to devour. The cha siew filling is well made, just sweet and savoury to stand out when you bite in. They have an enlarged menu now that includes braised pork rice bowls, blue pea (bunga telang) rice dumpling, fried items like carrot cake, steamed fan choy, glutinous rice, etc., but we rather enjoy the classic items like baos, siew mai, large and mini cha siew baos.

Dim Sum Haus

57 Jalan Besar (Map) Tues – Sun : 9.30am – 5.30pm Mon: 9.30am – 10.30pm

They have dim sum master from Ipoh, famed for dim sum, and the results show. They have some stuff not normally found in dim sum spots, like the the Mushroom Pau, for starters. It looks like a mushroom but is filled with some black fungus which lends a wonderful twist to the texture. The Zha Leong, or yu cha kway rolled in cheong fun sheet, has prawns in the cheong fun or rice roll sheet and that a notch up from the others (not that this item is easy to find in Singapore). Their Crystal Mushroom Dumpling is like a Victoria’s Secret item, so translucent you can almost see right through to the mushrooms, carrot and greens inside, and delightful to the bite. They too, like an erstwhile competitor nearby, offer the Fried Mee Sua cake, except they do theirs with more lap cheong and hae bi. And yes, their usual ol' har gao, siew mai and smiling baos (fluffy split skin top) are way above average.


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