Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Siang Hee Seafood 49A Serangoon Garden Way #01-20, Serangoon Garden Mkt & Food Ctr (Map) 12pm – 10pm Mon

Ah Yoke has effectively handed the reins to her assistant of over 30 years as she “cannot the pressures of a kitchen” anymore. This septuagenarian train him well. Now she says “he’s outdone me”. He handles the wok effortlessly and when you see him cook their signature sweet/sour fish, where he batters and double fries it before a specially concocted tomato vinegar sauce is laid over, it is the art of fine Chinese kitchen. Their prawn tempura with luscious pumpkin curry sauce is still a winner here. When you feel carnivorous, tear into their German style fried trotters with a stunning marmalade sambal dip- diners stop talking after the first bite. Her salted egg yolk sauce actually taste like actual salted egg. They make their own and toss it with fried chicken or pork ribs. If you feel adventurous, try her Coffee Crabs, strangely comforting. You know they are on top of the game because of the way they even fry a simple nai bai vegetable with garlic.

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