Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Lucky Seafood Catering 134 Sims Ave (Map) 11am – 11.30pm Daily

They were the people behind the now defunct Mother Hen cze cha in the same vicinity some years back. Now they are back with the same vengeance. The menu seems larger and just as exciting. Their signature stir-fried sang cheong (fallopian tubes) in black bean sauce is still the one to beat. It's softly crunchy, devoid of any pong and is done with scallions, onions and chilli. The Gan Xiang fried fish head has chunks of head flesh, double-fried for a chip crispy texture with soft moist meat inside. These folks from Ipoh, Malaysia, have an open kitchen concept and you see them rocking the wok frenetically over high fire. Also popular are their chilli clams and the KL style Hokkien mee. Calm those down with the dragon chives with mushrooms.

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