Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen

267 Upper East Coast Rd (Map) Facebook: @LuckyHouseCantonesePrivateKitchen Call +65 9823 7268 to book 6.30pm – 10.30pm Sat & Sun

One of the most talked about private dining gigs in Singapore. The wait list and time is one year for a table of 10 (split in 2 groups in separate rooms during Covid-19 season). Chef Sam Wong is a self-taught hardcore Cantonese cook in this house in the east, adorned with Chinese antiques, but has a rough, cobbled up village kitchen out in the back. It looks like some old Chinese village kitchen, and uses largely woodfire to cook, and mortar and pestle to pound his paste. He even grows some of his own vegetables. His set menu comes at $100 per head (press time) and some menu long stayers include a stunning roast duck (done in a bbq pit), extremely smooth steamed free-range chicken, steamed fishes, crispy anchovies topped over crunchy fresh and sweet stir-fried greens, an 8-treasure pork ribs soup, crayfish with kway teow in shallot oil, etc. For a self-trained chef, he certainly delivers a comforting and home feel meal here.


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