Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Chee Siang Seafood Restaurant

Jln Tiga (Map) 11am – 10.30pm Daily

Chef Albert Choy has an attitude. The kind of stubbornness we like about cooks who defend their craft. He will rather you not order take out as he knows his food is done and experienced the traditional style; order there and eat it ala minute off his woks. In this old, 70s looking kopitiam, he roosts at this corner, almost invisible little Chinese style big-fire kitchen. You can tell he offers some, not seen in usual menu, offerings in his menu. The fried big pork intestines with fried century egg sitting below slices of cured ginger, will make pique your attention and wake your palate. The offal is crispy outside and soft and chewy inside. He does a mean sambal winged beans and rain a layer of freshly made lard over it- to remind that it’s a great humble sin to devour. When available, he offers steam ed Cold Crabs- with a thick roe and milt paired with a black vinegar and ginger dip. Try not to miss his Crayfish and Scallop hor fun- done with a wok hei laden hor fun and laid over with a thickened seafood sauce with lots of crunchy bean sprouts. The Claypot Liver is rendered soft and with a dense sauce harbouring a pronounced aroma of Chinese wine- so good over steamed rice.


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