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Cze cha refers to street family Chinese eatery dishes without the frills. These places are at best spartan with basic comfort and mostly not air-conditioned like in coffee shops, stand-alone food shops or industrial area canteens. . Their menus are mind-boggling and it incorporates the best of all races and tastes, like curries, chili crabs, sambal prawns, and Chinese style noodles, etc. These dishes are usually sold in small, medium or large portions and are designed for sharing. It is often patronised by local Singaporeans.

Cze Cha (Cook & Fry

Ah Sin Family Eating House 22 Sin Ming Road #01-256 (Map) Mon – Sat: 9am – 2pm, 5pm – 9pm Sun

This old HDB shoplot look like a page out of the past, in China perhaps. Take a step in; you will see a very open style kitchen where ingredients fresh from the fridge is left to rest on the prep table and readied to be cooked. A large glass window that looks into all the chillied goodies greets you. They serve up old fashioned Cantonese cze cha icons, like fried tofu braised in egg sauce with sweet crunchy prawns. There is also a childhood comforting of braised trotters fried with kalian, that is so easy in with a bowl of rice. The fishes they steam in Cantonese style; including garoupa, pomfret and snappers (whatever they have for the day) is a must order, good value and oh-so-fresh. The oyster omelette is done “restaurant” style – sans potato starch just with a moist fried omelet and juicy oysters. The boxthorne vegetable soup with streaky egg and pork is a de rigueur to wash down the dishes you have there. The aunty service is very friendly and chatty (if you engage them in a friendly manner) If you cannot read the Chinese menu up on the wall and is lazy to read the printed menu, just ask them for recommendations. Prices are very reasonable, and the place is packed with office workers and car mechanics in the area.

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