Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Yong Kee Crispy Curry Puff 590 Upper Thomson Rd #01-02 Sembawang Hills Food Ctr (Map) 7am – 3pm Mon & Thurs

This humble stall features an old couple just stuffing, kneading, and frying away their own made curry puffs. They make only two versions, one with just curry potatoes and the other has chicken added in. First, it is the crust- light airy, crusty and crumbly but not cloying and overly buttery as many are wont to be, in order to achieve this texture. The fillings are slightly moist, and the aroma of the curry paste shines through. The potatoes are not mushy and have a nice soft bite to it. It is nice to see them making this by hand frying little batches at a time, you can see the honesty behind these curry puffs.


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