Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Tai Liok Claypot Chicken Rice 120A Bukit Merah Ln 1 #01-68, Alexandra Village Food Ctr (Map) 5pm – 10pm Mon & Tue

Like any decent claypot rice vendors, the wait here can be up to 40 mins. They roast the pots of "old rice" grains with just enough water, so the rice comes out roasty but not too soft. Their toppings of soy marintate chicken, chinese sausages, salted fish and vegetables play an important but no key factor here. It's the rice, and although theirs come very roasty (and you can see the smoke billowing out when the hawker opens the lid at your table), it is just a wee softer than most. But it is very popular with folks who like it this way- with all the umami and saltiness brought on by the ingredients and a just firmly soft rice to toss it into.


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