Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice Permanently closed as of December 2021

Niven is the elder of the two siblings (and his brother Benson) that carried on the mantle of their late father’s legendary Sin Kee Chicken Rice (formerly at Margaret Drive hawker centre). He moved about and now roosts here. Their style of chicken rice has Cantonese accents. For starters, the chicken pieces come smoother as he does not shock the fowl in ice after poaching but rather in flowing room temperature water, "so the heat within can escape." And the smoothness and flavour show. He offers a few side dishes (changes often) and they can include bitter melon slices stir fried with black bean dace fish or a nam yue (red fermented tofu) pig trotter stew alongside his daily vegetables. His rice is the outstanding star here – it is not overly oily nor lumpy, it's loose yet just soft enough. Layer your meal spiced with his own-made ground ginger scallion dip and his brow lifting lime garlic chilli and caramel black soy sauce.

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