Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Yuan Lang Soy Sauce Chicken Master

335 Smith St #02-041, Chinatown Complex Food Ctr (Map) 8.30am – 7pm Daily

Come here not for the "master" soy sauce chicken, there's lots of competitors as good around, if not better. But his “yellow chicken" lightly tinged in that hue as they use kampong chicken is the star. It comes thinner, less fatty but no less oily and has a moreish bolder salty flavour reminiscent of salt baked chicken. Very old school like in the 70s. It's firmer than usual and flavourful especially when paired with the rice which has gentle notes of ginger, is drier and fluffy. The chilli is a store bought kind of sambal - Not exciting.


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