Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Mat Noh & Rose Ginger Fried Chicken Rice 91 Whampoa Dr #01-27,

Whampoa Mkt & Food Ctr (Map) 9am – 3pm Sun

It is the light ginger flavoured marinade and batter that did us in. You can see that huge pot of yellow ginger marinated and battered chicken that's fried fresh on site each day – alongside another pot of chicken parts. The golden yellow and orange hue of the chicken looked and felt so right. The piping hot and uber crispy (we detected a lot of rice flour in the batter) chicken with moist flesh was irresistible. The big scoop of crispy bits they slather over the fried drumstick added extra texture and flavour to the meal. The chicken rice was lightly flavoured and not too oily. They also offer sinful bits of fried chicken skin, gizzards, liver, bishop’s nose and neck, something only aficionados will adore. The only let -down was the sweetish chilli sauce, but we suggest you try the dark soy-chilli padi dip they also offer.

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