Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Loy Kee Chicken Rice 342 Balestier Rd (Map) 9.30am – 9.30pm Daily

If you’ve always wondered what is the difference between old school Hainanese chicken rice and the Cantonese version, here it is. This is an old name in the game of Chicken Rice in Singapore. The chicken comes softer and juicier and their sauce has wistful and appealing drops of sesame oil. The rice is less oily and still bold in the flavour department. You see a few branches around but this is where the old flagship hawker stall staff roost. The chicken is smooth and juicy plus soft – a skill in itself just to get the texture – and of course their fluffy rice is moreish and flavourful. Their chilli is almost on point but it lacks that kick and piquant spicy punch we seek in such dips.

Margaret Drive Chicken Rice

Blk 40 Holland Dr #01-39 Stall 5


11am – 8pm


Benson is the younger son of the legendary Sin Kee Chicken Rice founder at Margaret Drive years ago. He carried on when the senior passed on and kept the faith. His elder brother Niven runs another outlet, independent of each other, in the east. Benson's version is as authentic as it gets. The chicken is poached and cooled in iced water and the soft chunks of chicken are served at room temperature or slightly cool. It sits on a bed of warm chicken flavoured rice with is done just right, not too soft or otherwise. You eat just that with some baby bok choy and they offer the three classic dips- lime chilli, ginger and the thick caramelised soy sauce.

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