Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Cashless is King-Maker! ( “ In collaboration with DBS PayLah! ” )

Cash will always be king, but cashless is the new kingmaker, it will determine how we pay for food and stuff in future, both on and offline. It is nice to have a wad of cash in hand or in your fat wallet and then go wander about the food and retail jungle out there. Then technology happened, and in these short few years, folks are whipping out not just credit cards but flashing apps to pay up at shops and even hawker stalls. I cite you a real-life story about how cash was not always king. This noodle vendor, recently retired, had plenty of customers at her hawker stall every day. You had to wait at least 20 minutes for the makan. Of course she had to cook and relied on her helper to take orders and collect, mostly cash, as it was sited in an old estate full of senior folks who weren’t wired up for cashless transactions. The helper was efficient but wily in his ways. It is known in the F&B industry that about 5-10% of monies need be written off as “unaccountable” or “miscellaneous” each month. Hers, at one stage went u p to 20%. The helper was caught red handed and let off with a warning as the hawker understood her financial situation at home. If she only had cashless payment systems like DBS PayLah!, it would lessen her heartache, knowing she had to release a worker. It would help her in her basic accounting works, knowing just how much was sold and minimise the physical handling of dollar notes and coins. Just try, if you dare, imagine where that $10 was before it reached your hands today. Or how it may rest in your pocket and eventually spread those germy felons all over your fingers and onwards to your face or food or your children! Makansutra is working with DBS PayLah! in this inaugural, 11 th e- edition of our food guide. Keep all those bacteria away and keep honesty at bay. Make deliciousness convenient. Stay calm and eat see hum (see page 264 (Kin Hoi)) ☺

KF Seetoh Founder and CEO Makansutra Creator: World Street Food Congress

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