Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

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This is the first e-edition of the popular Makansutra guides and it’s not the last. It’s distributed free so all you do is log on to (save this link), read, find and feast, then close it when you are done. We correct and adjust this on the fly (hawkers are known to be fickle with recipes and operation hours) and with substantial updates 3-4 times a year. You get the latest edition each time you log in again. Eating in Singapore is affordable and borders on cheap – a decent meal with drinks or desserts will set you back by about S$10 a person or less . This e-book has interactive functions – click on the address and it’ll send you to a map to get you there. It has a category page (just click on the A-Z icon at the bottom left of the page) whereby it will send you to the selection you click on. Every food photos and videos are of the actual stall and many come with a short (about 1min or less) video, done in a no-frills WYSWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) style. Reviews of hawkers and heritage eateries will come and go, no listing or rating is permanent as hawker food in Singapore is a living culture and very volatile. Some will stay, get re- rated up or down, some will be replaced, removed or displaced. That’s how lively the food scene is here in Singapore. This list will expand along the way as there are a lot more hidden gems left to be discovered. The iconic Chopsticks rating. Since 1998, this food guide has accorded thousands of hawkers with its Chopsticks ranking. The ultimate recognition we accord to restaurants or hawkers is 3 Pairs of Chopsticks or what we term “Die Die Must Try”. It is an honour for us to find and recognise such eateries. The basic ranking starts from 1 Pair and you can see the chart below for the terminologies. See also the icons we use to indicate Muslim friendly eateries, midnight joints or when the eatery has relocated, etc. Ever so often our partners and supporters may offer special deals and events to celebrate this Unesco class hawker food culture. Log in to read the foreward and check out the deals. We will inform you of any updates, just leave us a reply email or contact at the login page.


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