Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

By and large, this is a Hainanese gift of culinary to the land. It was with the British India influence (many once worked at their house helps back in the days of colonial rule) that this dish came about. The curry is not as bold as a typical masala or chicken. Chicken chunks in coconut enrich curry with potatoes is served with a baguette or rice.

Chicken Curry

Goody ‘N’ Jolly Laksa

Blk 14 Haig Rd #01-71, Haig Rd Mkt & Food Ctr (Map) 9.30am – 6pm Mon & Thu

All the three main items in their menu are ranked in Makansutra. They moved from place to place in the east and have now settled here. And their curry chicken, is one of the more outstanding items. Ironic that it's the Chinese that's known for this dish and the version here has a rich own-masala recipe that has a distinct flavour punctuated with bold chicken stock, coconut milk and hints of sambal in the blend. You can see the grains of spices lurking in the curry. The chunks of chicken are hearty and fill you up, especially with the potatoes inside and that half loaf of light and toasted crispy baguette to dip in with. But we don't understand what that piece of broccoli is doing atop the dish.

Nana Homemade Curry

115 Bukit Merah View, #01-47 Bukit Merah View Mkt & Hawker Ctr (Map) 11.39am – 7pm Sun & Tues

For a little chain stall that keeps it basic and real, they have been very consistent all these years. Their Nonya style (grandma Khim's recipe) own-blended masala and rempah that goes into the curry made with stock, coconut milk and additional spices, makes this taste nothing like any Indian curry. It comes with a very light hint of tang and it is indeed spicy, tailored for local palates. Best to have this with plain rice or dip some breads into it. They now offer a bigger range that includes fish head curry, mutton and vegetables. Their curry comes in a rich and lightly reddish tone which is very visually appealing.


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