Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Geylang Lor 29 Charcoal Fried Hokkien Mee

396 East Coast Rd (Map) 11.30am – 9pm Mon

Alex may helm his famous fried Hokkien prawnmee here but his wife holds her own, offering a side snack of her brand of chai tow kway in the back kitchen. Hers takes just a little longer as she does this pancake style with some prawns over low fire. This ensures the agreeable crispiness of the eggs dressed over the soft steamed daikon cakes. Have it with their signature sambal and the sensation is complete, even better with a cuppa teh-o. She is quite fastidious, insisting on cooking whenever she is around.

Hup Huat (White) Carrot Cake 105 Hougang Ave 1 #02-35

Hainanese Village Food Ctr (Map) Tues, Wed, Fri – Sun: 7am – 2pm

Mon & Thu

They make their own carrot cake. It is soft and sweet; cut into little diced cubes which they sprinkle over with bits of chai poh and sizzle with oil on a hot pan. Once the carrot cake is lightly seared, beaten eggs follow quickly forming an omelette that holds everything together. It is rendered golden brown, s lightly crisp outside. It feels like there’s a fried egg canopy atop, and when you pick off this rough yellow-brown skin like fried egg layer, the soft, steamy hot, white carrot cake below beckons. Hup Huat's fans like the eggy sweet taste with gritty bits of chai poh enhancing the savouriness. Ask for sambal and the boss smear a dab of mildly spicy sauce in a corner of your carrot pancake. Don't be fooled if you don’t see a queue her e – They have a flashing LED paging system, so customers can wait comfortably while nursing their morning kopi or teh.

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