Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle Blk 466 Crawford Lane #01-12, Tai Hwa Eating House (Map) 9.30am - 3pm Mon

They are regarded as the first family of bak chor mee – a soupy minced pork noodle dish with a dry sambal rendition (the more popular version) that is lifted with black vinegar, dumplings, meatballs and a flotilla of toppings. They are the champs in the World Street Food Congress Award and even has a star ranking in a French food guide. Their decades old original Singapore hawker dish is done with mee pok (local fettuccine) or mee kia (local angel hair pasta) and is tossed in a secret sambal sauce, with shots of soy sauce, lard and enlivened with eye-squinting black vinegar. The result is a tingling and salivating noodle dish with all those toppings with hints of tee po bits and powder (smoked and sun-dried crispy sole fish bones). The queue for an order here is, on average, 45 minutes unless there’s a sudden surge. The owner’s brother also has an award-winning stall in Chinatown that is equally good, if not better than this version, so the regular customers will tell you.

Jin Xi Lai (Mui Siong) Minced Meat Noodle 638 Veerasamy Rd, Yi He Eating House (Map) 7.30am – 2pm

Tues & Wed

You only “liver” once. This minced meat noodle stall is famous and rightly so, for the uber soft and fresh slices of liver they put in the soup that comes with the noodles. It has slices of soft pork, fish cake, minced meat floating about, fish balls (store bought) and heavenly little chunks of quick blanched liver. The softness, unlike others, holds and it's still moreish in the mouth (if you like liver, that is) after 15 mins. But don't waste time, eat it while it's in the prime. The dry version noodles is not what you come for. Go for the soup version (rich and meaty) and make that with extra order of the liver.


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