Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

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Ms Rosaline Soon used run the defunct Ming's Café in Upp Thomson Road way back when. She moved on to developing cooking classes and many chefs and domestic helpers have benefitted from her lessons. She also inked 3 Peranakan cookbooks. This jovial retiree still trains and cook at home and one of her specialty is Nasi Ulam, using herbs and aromatics from her well appointed and curated garden at home. The aromatics include daun kadok, laksa leaves, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves etc, all finely hand chopped to release the maximum aroma of each ingredient. The use of belacan to introduce a base umami flavour is done so gently. She has two versions- with mackeral and/or prawns. Her portions are bg enough for at least two rest assured you get fresh herbs from her garden – we’ve seen it.

Sekel Kitchen

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This is one of the most decadent nasi ulam you can get in Singapore. Umpteen types of herbs, aromatics, including wistful touches of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, daun kesum, etc. plus hand-mashed flaky fish, are all mixed into softly firm rice. It comes with huge fresh crunchy prawns with little cubes of cool cucumbers, cut red chilli and coriander sitting atop. The result is memorable upon the first chomp in. The aroma and bold freshness shines and those huge prawns (a bonus in this dish) lend an oceanic sweetness. The container of own- made sambal takes it all to another level of sensation in the mouth. They are so popular that the wait time for an order, at $30 per portion, is 2-3 months (we ordered in August 2020 and had it delivered in October).

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