Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

This five spice (ngoh hiang) delicacy is a south Chinese Teochew and Hokkien specialty. In the old days, it was usually sold along street wayang (theatre) performances. It comes with a choice of fritters made from prawn tofu, liver and meat rolls fish cakes, pink pork sausages, egg cake, fish balls, prawn crackers, etc to go with a tangy chilli and gooey meat sauce and a plate of fried bee hoon noodles.

Ngoh Hiang

China Street Fritters 1 Kadayanallur St #01-64, Maxwell Food Centre (Map) Tues, Fri & Sat: 12pm – 7pm Wed & Thurs: 12pm – 8pm , Sun: 11am – 7pm Mon

They are one of the last few Hokkien style Ngoh Hiang stalls in Singapore. Their items are somewhat different from the more popular Teochew style which fronts it with their signature crispy prawn crackers. The folks here offer about only 10 or less items and hand make up to 5 of them daily, from meat and liver rolls, meat sausage, pink pork sausage to fried egg-lard cake (this one is dangerously adorable). The stall may look sad, but just go order “everything” for a platter for 2 or 3 party. Their edge here we noted is the liver rolls – very earthy and appealing, especially if yoyu like this offal. The chilli sauce has a sweetness to the piquant gingery and vinegarish bite and the thick brown meat sauce is redolent of five spices.

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