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Makansutra Singapore 2021 Copyright Makansutra (S) Pte Ltd

Publisher: Makansutra (S) Pte Ltd Chief Editor & Food Guru: KF Seetoh Editorial Contributors: Koh Siew Tin, Wilson Wong, Clarence Choa, Chris, Layin Food Researchers: You know who you are & why we keep you under wraps. Much obliged to you! Production Management: Patricia Anne Lim, Heng Wei Ling, Candy Poh, Tong Hui Wen Cover Photo: “On the Chicken Wings of Love” by KF Seetoh, take n at Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings, Gluttons Bay

Published and Produced by: Makansutra (S) Pte Ltd

All rights are reserved, including all intellectual property rights, vested in the author and publisher for the works herein. No part of this publication or parts thereof may be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means or any methods without the written consent of the author and publisher ( All comments in this guide are based upon purely personal opinions of the honest public and not the sole view of Makansutra (S) Pte Ltd. No malice or favours are intended towards any one establishment and/or posting Eating establishments come and go, get relocated, adjust operating hours, alter recipes, change chefs and menus, or move to new premises regularly. It’s likely that some eateries and stalls listed in this guide may be moving to new locations even as we are in the midst of producing this edition. While we take great pains to ensure the accuracy of our listing. We can only assure that all information contained in this book are accurate at time of production.

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