Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Fishball Story

Blk 77 Circuit Rd #01-450 (Map) 8am – 8.30pm Daily

Douglas Ng was the poster boy for the millennial generation of hawkers when he first opened his “grandma's recipe” fi shball noodle stall. Customers gave him feedback and his recipe evolved and improved over the years. He now partners a food caterer and production folks and his fishballs are done to his recipe in a production facility. You can still taste a lot of fish in them and hardly any flour is used. The fish balls are huge, soft with just enough bounciness and he also tops the not-so-spicy sambal noodle (to please the Chinese heartland folks in the area) with similarly toothsome fish cake and crispy strips of fried fish tofu for added texture.

Hock Heng Fish Ball Noodle

49 Sims Place #01-31, Sims Vista Mkt & Food Ctr (Map) 1am – 11am Tue, Thu & Sat

The first bite will fool you – the sambal seems to be calmed by hints of tomato sauce. Then it hits you a few seconds later; the heat and complexity of the sambal bites you at the back of the palate and becomes addictive. They blanch the noodles softly al dente and it comes smooth with the sambal. The fishball is firm yet soft and has a springy resilience. Their star dish is the fish mee pok tah. They drop a few fresh slices of sliced and blanched curly mackerel with prawns and fishballs. This is what makes them stand out, and you can ask for better fishes like garoupa or pomfret, and fish soup is also their thing. Note the ungodly opening hours. It may be a great after midnight shift pick-me-up.

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