Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Chao Yang Fishball Noodle

4A Eunos Crescent #01-24, Eunos Crescent Mkt & Food Ctr (Map) 5.30am – 11am Ad-Hoc

The line here goes out the door even on a dull Monday morning. They make their own all important fish ball (see the machine at back of stall) and it can remind an older generation what old school fish ball was like – softly firm and springy with full flavours of fish and a hint of salt. They have a version flecked with red chillis and spring onions (our favourite). The her-kiao or fish skin dumpling has a springy yet gummy soft and smooth texture. It is filled with minced meat and it comes larger than most. The noodles are laden with little blocks of lard that sit so wonderfully well with the well blanched and al dente noodles in that complex, savoury and spicy sambal. For a large $4 version, you even get a piece of taupok yong tau foo.

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