Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Nonya Bong The Peranakan 663 Choa Chu Kang Crescent (Map) Facebook: @nonyabongtheperanakan Whatsapp +65 9619 1949 for booking

Jeffrey Chia aka Nonya Bong is a true blue Baba Peranakan and even talks with a Baba slang. Already in his 70s, he had opened and shuttered up previous restaurants, retired, and then on a whim, decided to offer private dining this at home. His prices are quite reasonable and he offers up to 10 items in a sitting. His rich and thick ayam buak keluak has both chicken and pork (or you can choose) in a serving. His Tohay (red wine lees) stewed chicken has touches of cincalok and belacan and it was very refreshing. He may also offer a Hati Babi Bungkus or fried liver balls wrapped in pig’s caul with a marinade that is redolent with coriander seed grounds. His menu may change but many customers often request for the same stuff, with just some minor changes. His dessert, and it's a long-term menu resident, is a mount of sago pearls smoothened with egg white, slathered with coconut milk and gula Melaka… always ask for this one!Note: the wait time for a sitting is now 6 months (as at Dec 2020).

Popo & Nana ’s Delights 1 Kadayanallur St #01-70, Maxwell Food Ctr (Map) (Due to Covid-19, currently only accept online orders)

Currently, this is the only public hawker centre stall offering Eurasian fare, something not seen at all in our hawker scene. It began as a middle-aged brother and sister team but only Grace Chin holds the fort currently. Her brother Christopher now helps out occasionally. Perhaps not many know about this very unique cuisine save Debal or Curry Devil. They have also a range of the more popular Peranakan and Indonesian fare like Babi Assam and Ayam Masak Merah plus rare items like Eurasian Beef Ball Curry, inspired by all that is authentic of Singapore. Their flavours give you that home- made feel and that’s their edge. The menu and specials change ever so often and of course, the popular Shepherd’s Pie and a rare Minced Beef Penne occasionally appear in their daily special menu. They have never operated a hawker stall before and they cook it like how their mum and granny taught them. They do not use any MSG and it’s evident in their dishes.

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