Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2021

Casa Bom Vento Express

11 Mosque Street Tom, Dick & Hillary’s (Map) 1Mon – Sat: 3pm – 10.30pm


Lionel Chee used to helm Casa Bom Vento, taking over from his late mother, Gladys. It shuttered some years ago and is now resurrected as Casa Bom Vento Express in this food court. His menu is a mix of more Peranakan than Eurasian fare (as it was originally). His Tian of Chicken Buah Keluak over Blue Pea flower rice is so appealing. The buah keluak, thick and rich and spiked with the spices, sits well over the fluffy blue tinged rice. If you miss Debal or Devil's Curry, he offers it with French baguette slices or blue pea flower rice. His menu is small but very coherent and he takes pride in presentation. What stood out for us too was his Nonya Dry Laksa – it's pan tossed upon order with their own-made rempah (rich and redolent with all the right spice notes and gently accented with lemongrass). The rempah reduces and clings on to the rice udon noodles; a huge prawn sits atop and they are showered with bits of laksa leaves. Update: Casa Bom Vento Express has relocated to a new location in May 2021. Current address is updated!

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