Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Yuet Loy Cooked Food 335 Smith St #02-151, Chinatown Cplx Food Ctr (Map) 11.30pm – 1.30pm, 5.30pm – 8pm Wed & Thurs

They could be regarded as the last of the little Cantonese cze cha hawker specialists around. They began on the streets and were relocated to the hawker centre in the last century. The menu would give away their expertise. Second generation and already aging Mr Fong Peng Cheong and his wife Brenda with their daughter Mei Ting still proudly dish out these firm favourites of the fussy Chinatown foodies in the area. The ultimate must try dish here is the Golden Coin Tofu, or kum cheen tau foo – a mashed tofu fused with stock, egg then fried and braised with a rich and thick seafood stock. The straggly pieces of bean sprouts are placed there to complete the texture with each bite. They also dish out stunners like a smooth steamed chicken with salted fish, and the comforting carp fish slices with kailan greens. Of course, you need rice to accompany these authentic pleasures and their soup – the Boxthorn greens with pork or fish. A 15-20 minute wait is expected as each dish is done only upon order in that little kitchen. Mr Fong stays up very late in the kitchen most days after closing just to prepare for the day.

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