Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

JB Ah Meng Kitchen

532/534 Geylang Rd (Map) 5pm – 2.15am Daily

He began from a dingy little red-light district coffeeshop kitchen, the kind Bourdain would and did feature. They all came, including topflight celebrity chefs, for his range of, by now, iconic yet unique and humble street family kitchen fare. Literally every table has their signatures like salted yolk tempura prawns with sweet corn, sam lo or flat beehoon (looking like a beehoon noodle pizza), fish skin crisps with Thai mango chilli sauce dip, snake beans with lotus root chips, tempura eggplant and potatoes, the very moreish white pepper crabs and a lot more, just look around there. The fabulous Ferran Adria once ate and asked boss Ah Meng for the salted yolk tempura prawn recipe and he got a “No” that came with a smile. These are “pin number secrets” street chefs hold near and dear to their he arts. They have a World Street Food Award accolade.

Joo Heng Restaurant 360 Joo Chiat Rd (Map) 11am – 2pm, 5pm – 9pm Mon

The old patriarch "Ah Chai" had passed on a fews years ago and now his kids helm the place. The menu remains and all the comfort classics are still intact in this household name for no frills Singapore Chinese style family meals. Their icon, the steamed carp head with miso and plum sauce, still pleases. Those slivers of lard with spring onions and ginger will feel so right over a bowl of steamed rice. Their steamed baby squid with a soy, sesame oil and chilli sauce base is a rare find in such places as is their steamed pork patty with salted fish. The default popular vegetable to order is the sambal sweet potato leaves and it comes spicier these days than we remember. Don't think about desserts; this place is an eat-and- go spot, and they don’t encourage ling ering. Just wander about Joo Chiat for a plethora of coffee joints and dessert spots.


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