Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

A meaty whole crab is fried or simmered with rice vermicelli (bee hoon). The noodle absorbs the flavour of the crab and ingredients. It comes in sauced and soup versions. These dishes are the creation of local Chinese cooks who seek to push new ideas in their menu.

Crab Bee Hoon

Chicken Pie Kitchen / Don Signature Crab

39 Tyrwhitt Rd (Map) 10am – 9pm Daily

Don Lim began his humble Don Pie at the Far East Square area about two decades ago in the late 90s. His stubborn dedication to improving his white pepper accented pie fillings won him legions of fans, including Makansutra which had been rating him since then. He moved and tweaked his menu, adding bold crab beehoon, plus a stunning lala prawns white beehoon to his repertoire. His pies are as we remembered- buttery crust with a just soft enough potato chicken filling still punctuated with a nice touch of white pepper. The all- important crustacean broth in the crab beehoon (he uses fresh Sri Lanka ones) come rich, umami, savoury, milky and almost collagenous and with a touch dangkui herbs infused within. Believe us, this one actually lifts the flavour. The white lala prawn white beehoon, comes with an even older and sweeter broth because of the bigger lala (clams) he uses in the stock. The prawns are large enough, sweet and crunchy. His menu, pies and noodles, is strange menu bedfellows, but who cares- it works.

Sin Huat Seafood

659 Geylang Lor 35, Sin Huat Eating House (Map) 6.30pm – 1am Daily

This is a seafood temple of sorts that the late Anthony Bourdain swears by often when he drops by this city for his gigs. Chef Danny, a local born and bred self-taught chef, is still the undisputed master of the signature Crab Beehoon which Tony “wouldn’t mind if the world ended right after this meal.” It is done with the respectable Sri Lanka crabs with a stock so rich and absolutely absorbed by the noodles as he fries it. The other “wow” and “life changing” seafood dishes include the black bean sauce in -shell scallops, steamed fresh frog legs with garlic and 4 bottles of chicken essence (if you need to power up for the night), train track or steamed MRT prawns (see it for yourself why), and even the boiled gong gong (pearl conch) dipped in a complex prune sauce with chilli and garlic. Prices are not cheap in the run down coffeeshop (at least $70 per head) but you may just bump into world celebrities like Michelle Yeoh and even Jackie Chan, but sadly, not Bourdain anymore.


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