Makansutra Singapore Food Ebook 2023/24

Generation Coffee

665 Buffalo Rd #01-321, Tekka Ctr (Map) Mon - Fri :7am – 3pm Sat : 7am – 1pm Sun

These Millennials used to be engineers who turned online coffee bean seller and now, run this new generation brick and mortar kopi hawker stall. They use Indonesian Arabica and Robusta beans and offer the line cal style regular kopi-o, kopi, kopi-c and also the fancier (for a hawker centre) cappucino and latte etc. The wistful more touch of Arabica lends that little sharp tannin and it sits boldly in the palate, not quite your usual milk laden kopi you get at the usual stalls. They temper the milk portion carefully so as not to take away the sensation of coffee in each sip.

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Heap Seng Leong

Blk 10 North Bridge Rd #01-5109 (Map) 5am – 4pm Daily

This has to be the last of the original kopitiam in Singapore, replete with some creaky old kopitam chairs, fading and jaded marble tables, a red tiled floor and even a coinafone (go figure) that still works. The old father and son team still brews them out at the back of the stall (coffee socks style), much to the delight of young social media fans tired of the same ol' fancy coffee joints. The coffee is mild and pleases the non-coffee fans, and so is the tea, but what you come here for is just that, plus the old charming atmosphere and the cheaper price as "I have many old customers who cannot afford more", says the boss. Remember to order some steamed and toasted kaya breads and while the hours away.


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